Volume VIII
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Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.

2. Establishment of training schools.

3. Appointment of officers.

4. Orders for detention in training schools.

5. Orders in respect of persons detained in approved or certified schools.

6. Warrant of commitment to training school.

7. Application of Chapter XXVII of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act to orders for detention.

8. Transfer of person from prison to training school.

9. Release on licence of persons detained in training schools.

10. Supervision after term of detention in training schools.

11. Substitution of imprisonment for detention in training school.

12. Payments to societies and persons assisting or supervising persons discharged from training schools.

13. Removal from one training school to another.

14. Regulations.

15. Application of Prisons Ordinance and other written law.

16. Interpretation.


28 of 1939,

8 of 1943,

41 of 1944,

42 of 1944.

AN ORDINANCE to make provision for the establishment of training schools, for the detention, training and reformation of Youthful Offenders, and for purposes connected therewith.

[Date of Commencement: 22nd January, 1940]

1. Short title.

This Ordinance may be cited as the Youthful Offenders (Training Schools) Ordinance.

2. Establishment of training school.

(1) The Minister may by Order published in the Gazette establish one or more training schools in which youthful offenders may be detained and be given such training and instruction and be subjected to such discipline and moral influences as will conduce to their reformation and to the repression of crime.

(2) Every training school shall be under the general control and superintendence of the Commissioner.

3. Appointment of officers.

(1) There may be appointed for every training school a superintendent, who shall, subject to the general direction and control of the Commissioner, be responsible for the management of the school in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance and of any regulations made thereunder.

(2) There may be appointed such other officers and servants as may be necessary for the purposes of this Ordinance.

4. Orders for detention in training schools.

(1) Where any male person—

(a) is convicted by the High Court of any offence which, according to the First Schedule to the Code of Criminal Procedure Act, is triable only by the High Court; or

(b) is convicted by any court of any offence, and a previous conviction of any offence is proved against him; or

(c) is found by any court to have failed to observe any condition of any probation order made under the provisions of any other written law relating to the release of offenders on probation,

and it appears to the court—

(i) that the person is a youthful person; and

(ii) that by reason of his criminal habits or tendencies or association with persons of bad character, it is expedient that he should be subject to detention under such instruction, training and discipline as would be available in a training school,

the court may, in lieu of making any order which it is empowered to make under the provisions of any other written law, and subject to the provisions of subsection (2), order him to be detained in a training school for a period of three years—

(a) a court, before making an order under subsection (1) shall call for and consider a report from the Commissioner as to the suitability of the case for treatment in a training school and as to the accommodation available in any such school, and shall be satisfied that the character, state of health and mental and physical condition of the offender and the other circumstances of the case are such that the offender is likely to profit by detention in a training school.

(b) the report required under paragraph (a) may be furnished by the Commissioner or by any person authorised by him.

(3) For the purpose of enabling a report under subsection (2) to be furnished in respect of any offender, a court may make order remanding him, for a period of not less than fourteen and not more than twenty-one days, to custody in such one of the prisons specified in the First Schedule as is nearest to the court.

5. Orders in respect of persons detained in approved or certified schools.

(1) Where a male person who is convicted of any offence is at the time of his conviction, detained in an approved or certified school under the provisions of any written law (otherwise than as being a person in need of care or protection), and it appears to the court that he is a youthful person, the court may order him to be detained in a training school for a period of three years.

(2) Any order made under subsection (1) for the detention of any person in a training school shall supersede the order for the detention of that person in an approved or certified school.

6. Warrant of commitment to training school.

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