Volume VIII
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WillS ordinance

Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.

2. Parties may dispose of their property by Will as they choose.

3. At what age Wills may be made.

4. President may grant letters of venia aetatis.

5. As to the validity of Foreign Wills.

6. As to the re-execution of Wills.

7. No survivorship as to property undivided held in shares, unless expressly stipulated for.

8. Effect of previous settlement.

9. Interpretation.

21 of 1844,

11 of 1852,

15 of 1876,

1 of 1911.

5 of 1993.

AN ORDINANCE to make provision with respect to testamentary dispositions of property.

[Date of Commencement: 23rd December, 1844]

1. Short title.

This Ordinance may be cited as the Wills Ordinance.

2. Parties may dispose of their property by Will as they choose.

It shall be lawful for every person competent to make a Will to devise, bequeath, and dispose of by Will all the property within Sri Lanka which at the time of his death shall belong to him, or to which he shall be then entitled, of whatsoever nature or description the same may be, movable or immovable, and all and every estate, right, share, or interest in any property, and which if not so devised, bequeathed, or disposed of would devolve upon his heirs-at-law, executor, or administrator, to such person or persons not legally incapacitated from taking the same, as he shall see fit; and no Will made either within or beyond the limits of Sri Lanka subsequently to the time when this Ordinance shall commence and take effect shall be or be liable to be set aside as invalid or in officious, either wholly or in part, by reason that any person who by any law, usage, or custom now or at any time heretofore in force within Sri Lanka, would be entitled to a share or portion of the property of the testator, has been excluded from such share or portion, or wholly disinherited by or omitted in such Will; but every testator shall have full power to make such testamentary disposition as he shall feel disposed, and in the exercise of such right to exclude from the legitimate or other portion any child, parent, relative, or descendant, or to disinherit or omit to mention any such person, without assigning any reason for such exclusion, disinheritance, or omission, any law, usage, or custom now or heretofore in force in Sri Lanka to the contrary notwithstanding:

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