Volume VIII
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Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.

2. Incorporation of the Vidyalankara Sabha.

3. General objects of the Sabha.

4. Council of the Sabha.

5. Board of Management.

6. Power of Sabha to hold property and to make investments.

7. Power of Sabha to deal with property.

8. Rules.

9. Seal of the Sabha.

10. Saving of rights of the Republic and others.

15 of 1943.

AN ORDINANCE to incorporate the Vidyalankara Sabha Kelaniya.

[Date of Commencement: 8th June, 1943]

1. Short title.

This Ordinance may be cited as the Vidyalankara Sabha Ordinance.

2. Incorporation of the Vidyalankara Sabha.

(1) With effect from the date on which this Ordinance comes into operation the president, vice-presidents, other office-bearers, and members of the committee for the time being, and such and so many persons as now are members of the said Vidyalankara Dayaka Sabha, or shall hereafter be admitted members of the corporation hereby constituted, shall be and are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate with the name of "Vidyalankara Sabha”.

(2) The Vidyalankara Sabha (hereinafter referred to as the "Sabha”) shall, in the said name and for the purposes herein mentioned, have perpetual succession, and shall and may by the said name sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered, in all courts, and shall and may have and use a common seal with power to break, alter, and renew the same at its discretion.

3. General objects of the Sabha.

The general objects for which the Sabha is constituted are hereby declared to be—

(a) the management and upkeep of the Vidyalankara Pirivena, Peliyagoda, Kelaniya, and other institutions connected therewith and founded, held or presided over by the late Venerable Sri Dharmarama Nayaka Thera;

(b) the management and upkeep of Sri Dharmaloka Vidyalaya, Peliyagoda, Sri Dharmarama Pathasalava, Mahaveva, and any other schools, colleges or institutions which may hereafter be established;

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