Volume VIII
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Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.

2. Qualifications for registration.

3. Applications for registration.

4. Registration fee.

5. Repealed.

6. Provisional registration.

7. Refund of fee on refusal.

8. Registration valid for life.

9. Register.

10. Duty of the Registrar.

11. Repealed.

12. Repealed.

13. Repealed.

14. Repealed.

15. Constitution of the Veterinary Council of Sri Lanka.

16. President of Council.

17. Term of office of members of the Council.

18. Meetings of the Council.

19. The Council to be a body corporate.

20. Appointment of officers and servants.

21. Funds of the Council.

22. Repealed.

23. Registrar to be subject to directions of the Council in maintaining the register.

24. Power of the Council to order amendment or cancellation of a registration.

25. Power of the Council to order a name in the register to be expunged.

25A. The Council to make recommendation to the University.

26. Restoration of expunged name to the register.

27. Publication of annual list of Registered Veterinary Surgeons and Registered Veterinary Practitioners.

28. Change of residence by Registered Veterinary Surgeon or Registered Veterinary Practitioner.

29. Insertion of additional qualifications.

30. Certificates by Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Practitioners.

31. Right to recover fees or charges for services as a Veterinary Surgeon or Veterinary Practitioner.

32. Restriction of practice of veterinary surgery by unqualified persons.

33. Assumption of title of Veterinary Practitioner.

34. Degrees, diplomas of Veterinary Surgeons.

35. Notification of registration.

36. Construction of "Veterinary Surgeon” and "Veterinary Practitioner” in written law.

37. Offences and penalties.

38. Protection of officers for action taken under this Act.

39. Decisions of Council to prevail in matters not expressly provided for.

40. Regulations.

41. Interpretation.

11 of 1975,

46 of 1956,

19 of 1964,

3 of 1994.

AN ACT to provide for the registration of Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Practitioners, for the establishment of a Veterinary Council and for matters connected therewith.

[Date of Commencement: 7th November, 1956]

1. Short title.

This Act may be cited as the Veterinary Surgeons and Practitioners Act.

2. Qualifications for registration.

(1) A person shall be qualified for registration as a Veterinary Surgeon if he—

(a) has attained the age of twenty-one years,

(b) is of good character;

[S 2(1) (b) subs by s 2 of Act 3 of 1994.]

(c) is the holder of, the degree of Bachelor of Veterinary Science of the University of Ceylon or University of Peradeniya or such other qualification approved by the Council; and

[S 2(1) (c) subs by s 2 of Act 3 of 1994.]

(d) is the holder of a certificate issued by the Council under subsection (4)

[S 2(1) (d) ins by s 2 of Act 3 of 1994.]

(2) .

[S 2(2) rep by s 2 of Act 3 of 1994.]

(3) For the purpose only of enabling acquiring of such experience as is required for obtaining from the Council, a certificate under subsection (4), a person shall upon application made in that behalf to the Council, be registered provisionally as a Veterinary Surgeon for a period of six months if he satisfies the requirements specified in paragraphs (a), (b) and (c) of subsection (1).

[S 2(3) ins by s 2 of Act 3 of 1994.]

(4) Where any person who is provisionally registered as a Veterinary Surgeon applies to the Council for a certificate under this subsection, the Council shall, upon being satisfied that the applicant has been engaged in employment in a capacity relating to Veterinary. Medicine, Veterinary Surgery and Animal Science and Livestock Development for the prescribed period in any one or more prescribed Institutions and has rendered satisfactory service while so employed issue a certificate to that effect in the prescribed form.

[S 2(4) ins by s 2 of Act 3 of 1994.]

(5) Nothing in subsection (1) shall affect or be deemed to affect, the registration of any person in the register, as a Veterinary Practitioner prior to the date on which such subsection comes into force.

[S 2(5) ins by s 2 of Act 3 of 1994.]

3. Applications for registration.

Applications for registration as a Veterinary Surgeon or a Veterinary Practitioner shall be made to the Registrar.

[S 3 subs by s 3 of Act 3 of 1994.]

4. Registration fee.

No person shall be registered as a Veterinary Surgeon or a Veterinary Practitioner unless such person pays the prescribed fee.

[S 4 subs by s 4 of Act 3 of 1994.]

5. .

[S 5 rep by s 5 of Act 3 of 1994.]

6. Provisional registration.

(1) The Council shall have the power to delegate its functions in relation to provisional registration to the Registrar.

(2) Where a person's name is expunged from the register and thereafter his name is inserted in the register by a fresh registration, such fresh registration shall not be deemed to be a renewal of the earlier registration. The fee for such registration shall be prescribed.

[S 6 subs by s 6 of Act 3 of 1994.]

7. Refund of fee on refusal.

Where an application for registration is not accepted by the Council, the fee paid by the applicant shall be refunded to him.

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