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Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.

2. Constitution of separate staffs for each Chamber.

3. Staff Advisory-Committees.

4. Cadre and salaries of Parliamentary staffs.

5. Financial regulations.

6. Departmental regulations.

7. Disciplinary action.

8. Retirement of Clerk and his staff.

9. Application to the staff of the Widows and Orphans Pension Fund Ordinance, the Minutes on Pensions and the Public Service Provident Fund Ordinance.

10. Estimates of expenditure of each Chamber.

9 of 1953,

20 of 1959.

AN ACT to make provision with respect to the cadre, conditions of service and administration of the staffs of the senate and the House of Representatives.

[Date of Commencement: 14th March, 1953]

1. Short title.

This Act may be cited as the Parliamentary Staffs Act.

2. Constitution of separate staffs for each Chamber.

The staff of the Clerk to each Chamber of Parliament, that is to say, to the Senate and the House of Representatives respectively, shall constitute a separate service which shall be subject to the provisions of this Act.

3. Staff Advisory-Committees.

There shall be for each Chamber a Staff Advisory Committee which shall—

(a) in the case of the Senate, consist of the President, the Leader of the Senate, and one other Senator nominated by the Minister of Finance; and

(b) in the case of the House of Representatives, consist of the Speaker, the Leader of the House, and the Minister of Finance or, if the Minister of Finance is also the Leader of the House, one Member of the House nominated by the Prime Minister and one Member of the House in the Opposition nominated by the Speaker in consultation with the Leader of the Opposition.

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