Volume VI
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Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.


National Water Supply and Drainage Board

2. National Water Supply and Drainage Board.

3. The Board to be a body corporate.

4. The objects of the Board.

5. Constitution of the Board.

6. Seal of the Board.

7. Remuneration of members of the Board.

8. Presidency of meetings.

9. Quorum.

10. Meetings of the Board.

11. Head office of the Board.

12. Minister's directions to the Board.

13. Members of the Board deemed to be public servants.

14. The Board deemed to be a scheduled institution within the meaning of the Bribery Act.


Areas of Authority, and Powers, Functions and Duties, of the Board

15. Areas of authority of the Board.

16. General duties of the Board in its areas of authority.

17. Powers of the Board.

18. Consultants.

19. Power of the Board to supervise and control waterworks and sewerage works installed for joint schemes.

20. Disputes arising from exercise of powers of Board under section 19.

21. Board to undertake exclusively supply of water.

22. Board to construct intakes, filters, tanks, aqueducts, and other works.

23. Power of the Board to break up streets and enter private land.

24. Board to lay or enlarge water main along private street.

25. Public stand pipes.

25A. Certificate of conformity to prescribed requisites regarding plumbing and drainage.

26. "Domestic purposes”, what not included in.

27. Power of General Manager to enter and examine premises.

27A. Power of General Manager in respect of unauthorised connections.

28. Penalty for suffering pipes to be out of repair.

29. Power of General Manager repair and recover expenses.

30. Misuse of water.

31. Penalty for affixing pipe or apparatus to communication or other pipe the without the consent of the General Manager.

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