Volume VI
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Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.

2. Establishment of National Museums.

3. Colombo and Kandy Museums deemed to be National Museums.

4. Appointment of officers.

5. Constitution of advisory committees.

6. Duties of advisory committees.

7. Power of Director to purchase, exchange, dispose of or lend books and objects.

8. Vesting in the Government of objects given to or acquired for a National Museum.

9. Regulations.

10. Financial Provisions.

11. Offences and penalties.

12. Liability for damage caused to objects in museums.

13. Interpretation.

31 of 1942.

AN ORDINANCE to provide for the establishment and maintenance of National Museums in Sri Lanka, and to declare the Colombo and Kandy Museums to be National Museums.

[Date of Commencement: 27th August, 1942]

1. Short title.

This Ordinance may be cited as the National Museums Ordinance.

2. Establishment of National Museums.

The Minister may from time to time by Order published in the Gazette establish one or more National Museums for the collection, preservation and exhibition of objects of scientific, historical or artistic interest and for the maintenance of libraries of books and other documents relating to subjects and matters of such interest.

3. Colombo and Kandy Museums deemed to be National Museums.

(1) On and after the 20th day of November, 1942, the Colombo Museum established under the Museum Ordinance1, and the institution, heretofore subsisting, called and known as the Kandy Museum, shall be deemed to be National Museums established under this Ordinance.

(2) Save as otherwise provided in subsection (3), all books, documents and objects whatsoever which may, at the date of the commencement of this Ordinance, be kept or preserved at the Colombo Museum or the Kandy Museum referred to in subsection (1) and all property whatsoever belonging or appertaining to any such museum shall be vested in the Government; and no such book, document, object or property shall, notwithstanding anything in any written or other law to the contrary, be sold, exchanged or otherwise disposed of at any time before the 20th day of November, 1942.

(3) Nothing in subsection (2) shall be deemed to apply in the case of any book, document or object which has been temporarily lent for the purpose of being displayed or exhibited at the Colombo Museum or the Kandy Museum.

4. Appointment of officers.

(1) There may be appointed—

(a) a person, by name or by office, to be or to act as Director of Museums;

(b) such Assistant Directors of Museums and other officers and servants as may be necessary for the purposes of this Ordinance.

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