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Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.

2. Application of this Law.

3. Service of quit notice.

4. Right of appeal to Minister.

5. Obligation to comply with a quit notice.

6. Effect of non-compliance with a quit notice or Minister's order on appeal.

7. Proceedings on receipt of an application for ejectment.

8. Exclusion of application of the Rent Act.

9. Regulations.

10. Interpretation.


42 of 1978.

A LAW to make provision for the recovery of possession of quarters provided by or on behalf of local authorities for the occupation of persons; to enable the prescription of terms and conditions subject to which such quarters may be allocated to employees of local authorities. And for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

[Date of Commencement: 6th September, 1978]

1. Short title.

This Law may be cited as the Local Authority Quarters (Recovery of Possession) Law.

2. Application of this Law.

The provisions of this Law—

(a) shall apply to all local authority quarters; and

(b) shall be deemed at all times to have been, and to be, an implied condition of the occupation by persons of such quarters.

3. Service of quit notice.

(1) Where—

(i) the period for which any local authority quarters were given to the occupier of such quarters expired; or

(ii) such occupier has been transferred from the station which qualified him to occupy such quarters; or

(iii) such occupier has been transferred from the post which qualified him to occupy such quarters; or

(iv) such occupier to whom such quarters were originally given has resigned, retired, vacated his post, been discontinued from service or died, any local authority may pass a resolution at any meeting of such local authority, that notice shall be served by the competent authority on such occupier, requiring him—

(a) to vacate such quarters together with his dependants, if any; and

(b) to deliver vacant possession of such quarters to the competent authority or other person authorised in that behalf and specified in the notice, before the expiry of such period, not less than two months, as shall be specified in such notice.

(2) Where such resolution referred to in subsection (1) has been passed, the competent authority shall serve such notice on the occupier accordingly, stating the reasons for the passing of such resolution.

(3) Every notice served on an occupier under subsection (2) in respect of any local authority quarters is in this Law referred to as a "quit notice”.

(4) A quit notice in respect of any local authority quarters shall be deemed to have been served on the occupier of such quarters if such notice is sent by registered post to such occupier, at such quarters.

(5) Every quit notice shall be in the Form A set out in the Schedule to this Law.

4. Right of appeal to Minister.

(1) Any person aggrieved by the service of a quit notice on him by the competent authority, under section 3, may, within a period of one month reckoned from the date on which such quit notice was served on such, person, appeal in writing to the Minister against the requirement contained in such notice to vacate such local authority quarters and deliver vacant possession thereof before the expiry of the period specified in such notice. Such appeal shall be forwarded to the Minister through the competent authority.

(2) Where an appeal is preferred under subsection (1) the quit notice served on the appellant in respect of such quarters shall cease to take effect till the determination of the appeal.

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