Volume V
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Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.

2. Maintenance of Secrecy by officers having powers of inspection.

17 of 1953,

13 of 1972.

AN ACT to give effect to a provision of the International Labour Convention (No. 81) relating to the Maintenance of Secrecy by Labour Inspectors.

[Date of Commencement: 27th March, 1953]

1. Short title.

This Act may be cited as the Labour Inspections (Maintenance of Secrecy) Act.

2. Maintenance of secrecy by officers having powers of inspection.

(1) No officer who, in the exercise or performance of his powers, functions or duties under any written law to which this section applies, acquires or obtains knowledge of or information concerning any manufacturing or commercial secret, shall, either while he is holding office or after he has ceased to hold office, disclose or communicate such secret to any other person except with the consent of the person carrying on the business to which such secret relates, or where such person is a company with the consent of the manager or other similar officer of the company.

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