Volume II
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Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.

2. Minister to direct taking of census.

3. Appointment of Superintendent of Census.

4. Appointment of Deputy and Assistant Superintendents of Census, and of officers and servants.

5. Rules by the Minister.

6. District Secretary to be Commissioner of Census.

7. Appointment of Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners of Census.

8. Engagement of enumerators, supervisors and chief supervisors.

9. Who are Census Officers.

10. Occupier to allow access and permit affixing of numbers.

11. Asking of questions by Census Officers.

12. Obligation to answer questions.

13. Schedules to be left at dwelling houses or establishments and filled up by the chief occupier or person in charge.

14. Schedule to be delivered to and filled up by persons in command or in charge of institutions.

15. Enumeration of naval, army or air forces and voyagers, travellers.

16. Schedules to be delivered to superintendents of estates and filled up by them.

17. Duty of employers of labour to make returns.

18. Enumerator to deliver schedules and returns to the supervisor.

19. Commissioner to forward them to Superintendent.

20. Abstract to be made and forwarded to the Minister, and published.

20A. How information this ordinance to be published.

21. Penalties.

22. No prosecution without Attorney-General's authority.

23. Record or entry made by Census Officer admissible in evidence only in a prosecution under this Ordinance.

9 of 1900,

6 of 1945,

22 of 1955,

16 of 1981,

55 of 2000,

26 of 2011.

AN ORDINANCE to provide for the taking of a census from time to time.

[Date of Commencement: 30th October, 1900]

1. Short title.

This Ordinance may be cited as the Census Ordinance.

2. Minister to direct taking of census.

It shall be lawful for the Minister from time to time, by Order published in the Gazette, to direct that a census be taken of the population, housing, agriculture, livestock, trade, labour, industry, construction or commerce or such other matters as he may deem necessary for ascertaining the demographic, social or economic condition of the inhabitants of Sri Lanka.

[S 2 subs by s 2 of Act 55 of 2000.]

3. Appointment of Superintendent of Census.

To superintend the taking of any census, there shall be appointed an officer to be called "the Superintendent of Census”. If an appointment to the office of the Superintendent of Census is not made, the Director-General of Census and Statistics appointed under the Statistics Ordinance shall exercise, perform and discharge, all such powers, duties and functions as are conferred or imposed on, assigned to the Superintendent of Census by this Ordinance

[S 3 subs by s 2; am by s 8 of Act 55 of 2000.]

4. Appointment of Deputy and Assistant Superintendents of Census, and of officers and servants.

(1) There may also be appointed for the purposes of the Ordinance such number of Deputy or Assistant Superintendents of Census and other officers and servants as the Minister may deem necessary.

(2) A Deputy or Assistant Superintendent of Census may be appointed by name or by office, and shall in the exercise of his powers and the performance of his duties, be subject to the general direction and control of the Superintendent of Census.

5. Rules by the Minister.

(1) The Minister may for the carrying out of the purposes of this Ordinance from time to time, make rules consistent with the provisions of this Ordinance, and rescind, revoke, amend, alter, or add to such rules.

(2) The rules may prescribe—

(a) the duties of Census Officers;

(b) the particulars regarding which, the persons from whom, and the mode in which, information shall be obtained for the purposes of the census;

(c) the forms of schedules to be prepared by the Superintendent of Census for the purpose of being filled up with the particulars so prescribed.

(3) The rules shall be published in two issues of the Gazette and shall come into effect from the date of the last of such publications and shall be judicially noticed.

[S 5(3) subs by s 3 of Act 16 of 1981.]

(4) Any person committing any breach of any such rule shall, on conviction before a Magistrate, be liable to imprisonment of either description for a term not exceeding six months or to a fine not exceeding fifty thousand rupees, or to both such imprisonment and fine

[S 5(4) subs by s 3 of Act 55 of 2000; am by s 2 of Act 26 of 2011.]

6. District Secretary to be Commissioner of Census.

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