Volume I
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Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.

2. Construction and application of Ordinance.

3. Interpretation.

4. Boatmen to be licensed.

5. Master Attendant to keep register of licensed boatmen; particulars to be entered therein and shall issue licence to boatmen.

May refuse to issue licence.

6. Licensed boatmen to have badges and to wear them. Provision for lost badges.

7. Boatmen to be under control of Master Attendant.

8. Master Attendant, with approval of the Minister, may make rules for the government of licensed boatmen. Every boatman and tindal to be furnished with a copy of such rules.

9. Offences.


10. Master Attendant may suspend or cancel boatman's licence.

11. When boatman's licence has been cancelled or suspended, entry thereof to be made in register, and licence and badge to be delivered up. Cost of badge to be returned when licence expires.

Penalty on neglecting to deliver up licence and badge

12. Any Magistrate's court to have jurisdiction over offences.


6 of 1880,

6 of 1896.

AN ORDINANCE for the regulation and control of boatmen employed in licensed boats.

[Date of Commencement: 10th November, 1880]

1. Short title.

This Ordinance may be cited as the Boatmen's Ordinance.

2. Construction and application of Ordinance.

(1) This Ordinance shall be construed as one with the Masters Attendant Ordinance1, hereinafter referred to as "the Principal Ordinance”.

(2) This Ordinance shall extend to the port of Colombo only, but the Minister may by Order extend it to any other port or ports to which the provisions of the principal Ordinance extend.

3. Interpretation

The term "licensed boat” shall mean any licensed boat when employed in carrying passengers for hire, and any bumboat and any boat used by traders or hawkers or for the conveyance of goods for sale.

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