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Arrangement of Sections



1.        Short title.

2.        Interpretation.


Bills of Exchange Form and Interpretation

3.        Bill of exchange defined.

4.        Inland and foreign bills.

5.        Effect where different parties to bill are the same person.

6.        Address to drawee.

7.        Certainty required as to payee.

8.        What bills are negotiable.

9.        Sum payable.

10.      Bill payable on demand.

11.      Bill payable at a future time.

12.      Omission of date in bill payable after date, or acceptance after sight.

13.      Presumption as to date of being true date.

14.      Computation of time of payment.

15.      Case of need.

16.      Special stipulations by drawer or endorser restricting liability.

17.      Definition and requisites acceptance.

18.      Time for acceptance.

19.      General and qualified acceptances.

20.      Inchoate instruments or blank signatures.

21.      Delivery to complete contract.

Capacity and Authority of Parties

22.      Capacity of parties.

23.      Signature essential to liability.

24.      Forged or unauthorised signature.

25.      Procuration signatures.

26.      Persons signing as agent or in representative capacity.

The Consideration for a Bill

27.      Value defined.

28.      Accommodation bill or party.

29.      Holder in due course.

30.      Presumption of value and good faith.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 31 July 2014